7 Critical Information You Need to Know When Buying Sesame Wholesale in 2024

In this article, we have discussed for you what businesses that want to supply wholesale sesame seeds should pay attention to.

Buy Tahini Wholesale in the Food Industry

Wholesale supply of tahini and sesame seeds. Importing tahini from Turkey. Quality and affordable bulk tahini solutions with Zirve Gıda.

Spreadable Tahini Halva Recipe From Producers

How to make traditional tahini halva at home with the best tahini halva recipe?

6 Important Factors When Choosing a Wholesale Tahini and Sesame Supplier

A guide for businesses looking to source wholesale tahini or produce tahini by sourcing wholesale sesame seeds....

10 Best Tahini Products of 2024

10 different tahini recipes you can make with tahini in 2024 in this article!

The Trace of Taste, the Name of Naturalness Tahini

Nowadays, as healthy and natural eating habits increase, many people are more careful and prefer quality products.

Tahini-Free Recipes: The 7 Best Alternative Types of Mashing

Recipes for alternative nuts that can be used instead of foods such as tahini paste, tahini sauce are in this article...

Interesting Tahini Sauce Recipe You Can Make with Tahini Paste

In this article, we include interesting recipes that you can prepare with tahini sauce, which you will get thanks to the magic touches you make with tahini paste!

Why Should We Use Pastry Sesame?

Pastry sesame produced with hulled sesame seeds and many other interesting information you can read in this article.

What is sesame for Turkish Delight?

The history of sesame Turkish delight and suitable solutions for your productions can be found in this article.

Alemdar 07: Practical Use in the Food Industry

Alemdar 07, a product containing hydrogenated palm stearin, is ideal for food production such as praline, ice cream and margarine.

What is Sesame for Biscuits? Features and Areas of Use

You can discover what you are curious about the Decoction sesame product, which is among the Zirve Sesame Varieties, in this article.

What Do We Mean by Food Industry?

Summit Food manufacturing includes atariye ingredients and critical data in the food production process.

Tahini Hazelnut Paste Special Flavors

Discover how to benefit from Zirve Sesamel Tahini Cream with Hazelnut Pieces Butter, from large-scale businesses to kitchens!

2024 Zirve Tahini Sesame: How to Understand the Best Quality Sesame Oil?

Zirve Sesame aims to provide the highest quality sesame seeds in the sesame supply chain and to ensure continuity in sustainable trade.

Filling Cream With Blackberries: A Novelty For Horeca

Blackberry Filling Cream adds a unique taste to your desserts. Discover Zirve Gıda's ideal, easy-to-use and high-quality cream filling!

Delight Your Palate with Various Waffle Sauces

Zirve waffle sauces enriched with various flavors have a wide range of uses from bakeries to cafes.

Tahini Varieties

Zirve tahini you can use as the main ingredient and get rich flavors with different flavors that you will add to it.

10 Amazing Dessert Recipes that You Can Make with Chocolate and Nuts

Discover in this article how to prepare 10 different recipes with Zirve Joynut cocoa hazelnut cream.

Varieties of Sesame and its Flavorful World

Sesame is on our tables with its rich content of healthy oils, protein and many important nutrients...

Benefits, Uses and Recipes of Cocoa Powder

You can read our article to discover Zirve Gıda's natural cocoa powders.

Alkalized Cocoa

Alkalized cocoa generally refers to the alkalized form of cocoa powder. The alkaline process ensures that cocoa powder...

7 Types of Sesame Bagels Recipes You Should Try in 2024

7 types of bagel recipes you should try in 2024 Zirve bagel sesame products and aims to recreate the bagel using different ingredients and cooking techniques.

Ultimate Guide to Making Hummus With Tahini

Learn how to make the perfect hummus with tahini at home with our Chickpea and Zirve Tahini recipe. This creamy Middle Eastern sauce is made from chickpeas, tahini, garlic and lemon juice.

11 Steps to Know About Sesame Seeds for Bagels

Delicious bagels, crispy pastries or delicious breads... All of them are indispensable for baked goods...

The Historical Origins of Chocolate Hazelnut Butter (Spread)

On the basis of the formation of many brands such as Summit Joynut chocolate hazelnut butter, we will examine the historical origin of chocolate hazelnut cream.

What is Praline and Where is it Used?

Pralin nerelerde kullanılır? Pralin dolgusunun kullanım alanları nelerdir?

The Peak of New Dimensions in Chocolate Decoration

Zirve chocolate decoration types offer various options such as confiser, pebble, drop drop, chocolate, dark, milky, ivory and raspberry.

What is the Legend of Baba Ganush?

The term "Baba Ganoush" in the legend means "spoiled father" in Arabic.

What is Filling in Production? Discover the Fillings in the Food Industry!

Zirve Tahini aims to make a high-quality and sustainable contribution to the food industry with the variety of filling materials in production.

The Peak of Double Roasted Tahini in Industrial Production

In the food industry, Zirve produces solutions for the needs of double roasted tahini, wholesale tahini and sesame imports.

Discover 5 Surprising Secrets in Tahini and Sesame Production!

Discover 5 Interesting Secrets in Wholesale Tahini and Sesame Production! What is the Benefit of Zirve Food Wholesale Tahini Production for Trade?

What is Cream Filling? What are the Uses in the Food Industry?

Ready-made filling is a practical and tasty filling material used in the food industry.

Using Tahini in 14 Steps

Zirve Recipes made with tahini and sesame, what you wonder about tahini in this article, we have 14 ideas.

The 10 Countries That Produce the Most Sesame Seeds in the World In 2014-2019

Sesame Seed Production in Turkey in 2019 was 16,893 tons. Discover more data with Zirve Gıda!

The Benefits of Raw Sesame and Sesame Oil in 5 Steps

Sesamol and sesamin, what are the health benefits of double roasted sesame? How much should be consumed?

How to Make Tahini Sauce With the Best Tahini Cream?

You can get a great tahini sauce with lemon, garlic, olive oil and salt that you will add with Zirve tahini.

What is Sortex Sesame?

Natural Sortex sesame seeds are an ideal option for kitchen work.

The Power of Sesame: Discover the Secret of Beneficial Key Ingredients!

The main components of sesame seeds that are beneficial for health are sesamin, sesamol, sesaminol and lignan.

What are Turkish Molasses and Tahini Useful For?

Delicacies made with zirve tahini and molasses...

The Key to Taste and Health

Today, healthy eating habits increase the demand for natural and quality products...

Walnut Tahini Cream, the Pearl of Taste and Health

Walnut Tahini Cream is a special blend of carefully prepared tahini and walnuts...

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Tahini Cream, the Meeting of Taste and Health Coming from Nature

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Praline Varieties - A Chocolate Wonder

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