The 10 Countries That Produce the Most Sesame Seeds in the World In 2014-2019

Myanmar is the first of the top 10 sesame producing countries in the world. Sesame Seed Production in Turkey in 2019 amounted to 16,893 Tons. Discover more data with Zirve Gıda!

Discover 5 Surprising Secrets in Tahini and Sesame Production!

Discover 5 Interesting Secrets in Wholesale Tahini and Sesame Production! What is the Benefit of Zirve Food Wholesale Tahini Production for Trade?

What is Cream Filling? What are the Uses in the Food Industry?

Ready-made filling is a practical and tasty filling material used in the food industry.

Using Tahini in 14 Steps

Recipes made with tahini and sesame, what you wonder about tahini, in this article, we have fourteen ideas to get the maximum benefit from tahini and sesame.

The Benefits of Raw Sesame and Sesame Oil in 5 Steps

There are two different forms of consumption: raw sesame and roasted sesame. Sesamol and sesamin, what are the composition and health benefits of double-roasted sesame? How much should be consumed?

How to Make Tahini Sauce With the Best Tahini Cream?

You can get a wonderful tahini sauce with lemon, garlic, olive oil and salt that you will add with zirve tahini. You can use this sauce on vegetables, meat, salads, pita bread and breads.

What is Sortex Sesame?

Natural Sortex sesame seeds are the choice of both producers and consumers for their consistent color, texture and superior taste, making them an ideal choice for culinary applications.

Praline, Where İs İt Used?

Pralin nerelerde kullanılır? Pralin dolgusunun kullanım alanları nelerdir?

The Key to Taste and Health

Today, healthy eating habits increase the demand for natural and quality products...

The Trace of Taste, the Name of Naturalness Tahini

Nowadays, as healthy and natural eating habits increase, many people are more careful and prefer quality products.

Varieties of Sesame and its Flavorful World

Sesame is on our tables with its rich content of healthy oils, protein and many important nutrients...

Walnut Tahini Cream, the Pearl of Taste and Health

Walnut Tahini Cream is a special blend of carefully prepared tahini and walnuts...