What is Cream Filling? What are the Uses in the Food Industry?

What is Cream Filling? What are the Uses in the Food Industry?

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What is Cream Filling?
Fast Wizards of Flavor!
What is Ready Filling?
What are the Types of Ready Filling?
What are the Uses in the Food Industry?
Frequently Asked Questions About Ready Filling Cream

What is Cream Filling?
Cream filling offers a special flavor that enriches the filling of desserts and cakes. This filling fills the filling of desserts and cakes in a practical and delicious way. These filling types, which usually contain basic ingredients such as liquid cream, vanilla and sugar, contribute to the emergence of original flavors by adding fruit flavors or fruit pieces in various recipes. Using ready-made cream fillings saves time, especially when time is limited or a quick dessert preparation is required. These cream varieties stand out for their ease of use, durability and rich flavor profile, allowing you to prepare delicious desserts easily and impressively.

Fast Wizards of Flavor!
Cream fillings, which are preferred in a wide range of pastry shops, restaurants and hotels, allow you to prepare many dessert recipes easily and deliciously. Pastry cream varieties, which are the fast key to the pastry industry, are the easiest way to add flavor to desserts, always ready to use. For those who love making cakes at home, ready-made filling creams offer a practical solution to reach the peak of flavor while saving time. Cream fillings not only add a professional flavor to your desserts, but also create stylish presentations in your recipes. 
The most striking feature of cream fillings is their heat resistance and resistance to cooking and freezing. Thanks to these features, they are frequently preferred in various desserts such as cakes, cakes and croissants.

What is Ready Filling?
Zirve Gıda offers a perfect solution to sectors that produce desserts such as confectionery, cakes and croissants with special filling types produced in the industrial field. These special filling materials are intended to meet the demands of especially large enterprises with their intense flavors and economic advantages by separating from pastry cream. With its wide range of products, it is focused on meeting the needs of industrial food producers. 
- Designed to meet the cost-oriented requirements in the industrial field, Zirve Gıda filling cream varieties offer effective cost-effective solutions to increase the profitability of businesses.
- In addition to the confectionery and cake sectors, filling cream varieties that appeal to companies producing on an industrial scale diversify the product range with their wide range of uses.
- Zirve Gıda's filling cream varieties, which include special taste and aroma options, add a unique flavor to desserts produced on an industrial scale by offering rich flavor options such as cocoa, fruity, tahini, filling praline.

What are the Ready Filling Types?
1. Filling Cream with Lemon Fruit Pieces
2. Filling Cream with Orange Fruit Pieces
3. Blackberry Fruit Crumble Filling Cream
4. Strawberry Fruit Crumble Filling Cream
5. Lemon Fruit Flavored Filling Cream
6. Orange Fruit Flavored Filling Cream:
7. Blackberry Fruit Flavored Filling Cream
8. Strawberry Fruit Flavored Filling Cream 
9. Cocoa Hazelnut Filling Cream 
10. Hazelnut Filling Cream with Croquant 
11. Tahini Filling Cream
12. Cocoa Filling Praline 
13. White Filling Praline

What are the Areas of Use in the Food Industry?
1. Profiterole and doughnut filling
2. Croissant filling
3. Ice cream decorations
4. In the chocolate industry 
5. Fruit filling for cake
6. Strawberry filling for cake
7. Lemon filling for cake

Frequently Asked Questions About Ready Filling Cream
1. How should ready-made filling cream be stored?
- If it is stored in a cold environment with the lid tightly closed, it maintains its freshness.
2. Can Instant Filling Cream be Frozen?
- Yes, usually ready-made filling cream can be frozen. However, it is recommended to thaw and whip the frozen cream well before using it.
3. Why Do Pastry Chefs Use Instant Filling Cream?
- Pastry chefs may rarely use ready-made filling cream in special cakes.  
4. What is the Difference Between Ready Filling Cream and Ganache?
- Although they look similar, ready-made filling cream and ganache are two different ingredients used for different purposes in the dessert industry. Since ready-made filling cream is milk-based, its texture is light. It is preferred as a filling material in the food industry. It offers many options with fruit flavors and fruit pieces.
Ganache, on the other hand, has a dense, smooth and glossy structure formed by a mixture of chocolate and cream. It is used in dessert recipes as coatings, pouring sauces or chocolate coatings. Ganache is warmer, more durable and dense.
To summarize, while ready-made filling cream is preferred for filling, ganache is mostly used for chocolate coatings and special desserts.