Walnut Tahini Cream, the Pearl of Taste and Health

Walnut Tahini Cream, the Pearl of Taste and Health

What is Tahini Cream with Walnuts?

Tahini cream with Walnuts is a special flavor wonder born from a tremendous combination of carefully prepared tahini and walnuts. It is a product that will add a new taste to your tables with its unique harmony of natural tahini and walnuts, creamy texture and rich aroma.

Tahini cream with Walnuts combines the traditional tahini flavor with the rich and intense aroma of walnuts. This special blend can be used in breakfasts, snacks and desserts to delight the palate.

Tahini cream with Walnuts can be used not only for breakfasts, but also in many different recipes, from pastries to desserts, drinks to sauces.

  • Flavor Explosion: Tahini cream with Walnut leaves an unforgettable mark on customers' palates. With its unique blend, it can be used in breakfasts, snacks and desserts, allowing you to reach the heights of flavor.
  • Healthy Ingredients: Containing natural tahini and walnuts, this cream contains healthy fats, protein and vitamins.
  • Various Uses: Tahini cream with Walnuts can be used not only for breakfast, but also for pastries, desserts and beverages.

Walnut Tahini Cream Recipe

While tahini cream with walnuts is a practical and delicious dessert option, Zirve Tahini's tahini cream with walnuts offers a quick alternative to sectors in the food industry. If you want to make your own walnut cream at home using Zirve Tahini, you can work wonders in your kitchen with the ingredients we have included in a few steps below. This recipe is prepared with healthy and natural ingredients and can be made quickly. Here are the ingredients and recipe for the question "how to make tahini cream with walnuts?":


1 cup tahini

Half a glass of honey or molasses (the amount can be increased or decreased depending on your preference)

Half a glass of pounded walnut


We add tahini into a mixing bowl. Then we mix it by adding honey or molasses, which is determined according to preference. Optionally, you can increase or decrease the sweet amount of honey or molasses added to the mixing bowl according to your taste.

Continue mixing until a creamy consistency is obtained with a fast whisking method. You can do the mixing process more easily with a spatula, spoon or fork rather than with robot beaters. If you are a good gourmet, we recommend you to use bamboo products in the mixture you will prepare as summit tahini can prevent the taste of metal from passing into the flavor. Here, the use of a bamboo spoon, fork and mixing bowl can be recommended for people with sensitive palates.

After completing the container and mixing processes, walnuts are added into the creamy consistency. The size or smallness of the walnuts may vary according to preference. For example; If you want to get an intense walnut flavor in your butter , you can crush the walnuts in your hand with a knife. If you want an intense tahini flavor, you can shred the walnuts with the help of a food processor. If you are preparing your cream in bamboo products as Zirve tahini, we recommend that you grind the walnuts by beating them with a wooden mallet. The quality of the walnuts you will use here is also an important factor in obtaining a delicate flavor. It is recommended that you obtain the walnuts in their shells instead of preferring the ones sold in ready-made packages.  Yes! This is a bit tiring, but what success is effortless?

The final result: Put the prepared tahini butter mixture with walnuts in an airtight jar and seal it tightly. A glass storage container is ideal here to prolong the freshness of the finished product. The mixture should be kept in the refrigerator and when needed, it should be taken out into a separate container for the amount of consumption and kept at room temperature. Keeping it at room temperature for a while further enhances the flavor of the walnut tahini cream and allows it to turn into a fluid form.

You can consume this healthy and delicious tahini cream with walnut in your meals, by spreading it on bread or as a snack. With its hearty and healthy nutrients, it makes a good dietary supplement and can also be used in diet programs. You can also use this versatile mixture as a sauce or add it to your dessert recipes.