Sesame Export: A Journey Beyond the Boundaries of Taste

Sesame Export: A Journey Beyond the Boundaries of Taste

Today, healthy eating trends direct many people to natural and nutritious products. Sesame has become one of the pioneers of these trends and has embarked on a journey that transcends the boundaries of taste around the world. With the growth of sesame exports, get ready to discover how this unique product has gained a place in the world.

Worldwide Popularity of Sesame:

Healthy Eating Trend: Sesame has a high content of protein, fiber and healthy fats. With these features, it has become the favorite of healthy nutrition advocates around the world.

Various Uses: Sesame is not limited to just sesame paste or tahini. Sesame seeds offer a variety of flavors, being widely used in salads, meals, snacks, and even baked goods.

Export Potential of Sesame:

Achievements in the Field of Agriculture: The successful cultivation and processing of sesame has made many countries rich in export potential.
Impact on Health and Nutrition Trends: Worldwide health and nutrition trends have positively affected the export of sesame and increased the number of consumers who prefer this product.

Prominent Countries in Sesame Export:
Turkey: Turkey is a country that stands out with its quality sesame production. Turkish sesame has become a brand in demand in the world market.
India: India is one of the leading countries in sesame production. It is in demand worldwide for both white and black sesame varieties.
Sudan: Sudan stands out as an important sesame producer in Africa. It has a strong position in the international market with its quality sesame production.