About Us

About Us

Zirve Gıda started its operations in 1969 by producing tahini halva and confectionery, and increased its market share in a short time with its principle of quality products and on-time service and its understanding of customer satisfaction. In order to respond to increasing demands, it moved to its new location in 1976 and continued its activities. Evaluating the economic and commercial conditions of our country and the world in 2001, our company founders adopted the main production model of our company as "sesame processing, chocolate and tahini production" and determined the friendly sectors to be served as "tahini, tahini halva, bakery products, confectionery and biscuit producers". They established ZIRVE SUSAM TAHİN ATTARİYE GIDA SANAYİ TİCARET LİMİTED ŞİRKETİ.

Product Categories

We offer solutions that meet the needs of the industry with our wide product range.
Our tahini varieties produced with natural ingredients offer an ideal option for our customers who care about healthy nutrition and do not compromise on taste.
Our sesame varieties are produced meticulously in accordance with our quality standards and are specially produced to meet the expectations of our customers.
Our hazelnut cream varieties, which we produce using quality hazelnuts, are an ideal choice to delight your palate and add flavor to your special moments.
Our praline varieties, prepared with high quality ingredients and expertly, are produced to add color and flavor to your sweet moments.
Our waffle sauces, which appeal to every palate with their creative flavors and quality ingredients, offer a delightful experience in every bite.
Each drop of sauce combines with the harmony of skillfully selected ingredients to offer our customers an unforgettable taste experience.
Discover creamy flavors in exquisite harmony with tahini. Let every bite turn into a feast of taste with our tahini cream products.
Each piece of chocolate adds a special elegance and flavor to your desserts, leaving an unforgettable mark on your palate.
Whether it contains fruity or intense chocolate fillings, we offer a perfect experience for your palates with the various filling options we offer.
As the address of professional taste and quality, produced with the highest quality materials, we are here to meet your industrial needs.

Special Solutions

You can contact us for all your questions, opinions and suggestions.