Tahini Varieties

Zirve Gıda offers reliable and high-quality industrial products with its double roasted tahini and other tahini varieties, aiming to meet the needs of customers in the food sector.

Sesame Varieties

Zirve Gıda offers solutions such as bagel, durum, biscuit, tahini, double roasted, sortex and Turkish delight sesame varieties in order to meet the needs of the industrial food sectors.

Hazelnut Cream Varieties

Zirve Gida Joynut cocoa hazelnut-pureed and particle cream varieties offer a widespread use in major food sectors such as hotels, bakeries and restaurants in the food industry.

Praline Varieties

Zirve Gida's Joynut cocoa-white-gold-chokobake praline filling materials provide a reliable option for customer satisfaction in the food industry.

Waffle Sauces

Zirve Gıda offers a unique taste experience to the industrial food sector with its bitter-ivory-milk waffle sauces and banana-strawberry-raspberry-pistachio-lemon-blackberry flavored waffle sauces.

Ice Cream Sauces

Zirve Gıda's ice cream sauces provide an important advantage for industrial food manufacturers and the ice cream industry with practical and easy use.

Tahini Cream Varieties

Discover the creamy flavors of Zirve Sesame Tahini Attariye, which have an exquisite harmony with tahini! Our Zirve Sesamel tahini cream varieties offer products such as sesame tahini cream, wholesale tahini and sesame to meet the needs of the food industry.

Chocolate Decoration Types

Zirve Gıda chocolate decoration varieties, Drop drop dark-milky-ivory-raspberry, Piece chocolate dark and milky, Confiseri dark-milky-ivory and Conglomerate products have been carefully designed to meet the needs of the industrial food sector in a wide range.

Filling Types

Zirve Gıda filling varieties are frequently preferred in food industries such as confectionery with cocoa hazelnut-croquant hazelnut-tahini cream-cocoa and white praline varieties, as well as lemon-orange-blackberry-strawberry-fruit particle and fruit flavored varieties with their heat-resistant properties.

Industrial Types

Zirve Gida's industrial varieties provide various ease of use in pastry, bakery products, sauces, soups and many food products. Alkalized-natural cocoa powders, powdered sugar, corn-wheat starch, Alemdar 07-621 has a wide range of products in the food industry.