The sesame plant is one meter tall, an herbaceous plant that gives oil. The lower leaves of the plant are opposite and lobed, the upper leaves are full and lanceolate. The flowers are white or pink, and gathered in bunches in the seat of the leaves. Fruits are long, prismatic and multi-seeded capsules. After these capsules reach sufficient maturity, the product is harvested and sesame seeds are taken. It is available in white, brown, black and yellow colors depending on the type. It is used as an auxiliary material in decorating products such as bread, biscuit, cake, confectionery, as it is colored with white, corn syrup or molasses after separation of foreign substances and colored grains in different methods after processing.


Sesame can be found different uses in the world. The most important of these is the cosmetic and food industry. Sesame oil is an important product especially in skin and hair care thanks to its vitamins, minerals and antioxidants resistant to high temperatures, and it is said to be the best massage oil in the world. Since it is herbal, it does not contain cholesterol, and it is especially important in terms of cardiovascular health, and it is a product that can be consumed safely.

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